Introductory Journal: Opanaki/Kaihu

Journal 1: From the Sea We Came

Journal 2: Faces Will Change in the Valleys

Journal 3: The Coupling of Cultures

Journal 4: Early Characters, Part I

Journal 5: Early Characters, Part II

Journal 6: The People and Their Villages, Part I

Journal 7: The People and Their Villages, Part II

Journal 8: Nature’s Riches – The Flax Industry

Journal 9: Nature’s Riches – Kauri Tree Gum

Journal 10: Nature’s Riches – Timber Bonanza

Journal 11: Churches and Schools, Part I

Journal 12: Churches and Schools, Part II

Journal 13: Churches and Schools, Part III

Journal 14: Churches and Schools, Part IV

Journal 15: Churches and Schools, Part V

Journal 16: Churches and Schools – Addendum

Journal 17: Hotels, Stores and Post Offices

Journal 18: Infrastructure

Journal 19: Kaihu Valley Railway Paper Trail

Journal 20: News of the Day

Journal 21: Early Land Ownership

Journal 22: Kauri gum fields LICENSE HOLDERS

Journal 23: CHARACTERS of the Kauri Gum Fields


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